Our vision is to be a leader in the implementation of Oracle IAM services and consistently exceed customer expectations.



Identity and Access Management

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)

YuSystems has over a decade of successful, real-world industry experience working with OIM since its first iteration as Thor Xellerate to its most recent OIM 11gR2 PS1 & PS2 versions. We collaborate with our clients and provide subject matter expertise and knowledge transfer during all project phases so our clients can further expand the overall Identity Management framework without the need of consultants.  

YuSystems provides an experienced delivery team of seasoned Oracle Identity Management professionals for every project. We’ll perform the planning, design and development for the OIM infrastructure and replace your home-grown identity management tools/systems with an OIM-based solution. We work under the direction of our clients in a blended-team model that focuses on the critical elements of successful Identity Management Program delivery during the entire project. These elements include:

Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
We also has over a decade of successful, real-world industry experience working with OAM since its first iteration as Oblix COREid to its most recent OAM 11gR2 PS1 version.

Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)
OIF provides value-added solutions that quickly integrate applications outside the traditional corporate boundaries. YuSystems’s extensive knowledge of OIF, OAM, and Oracle ESSO technologies enables us to design and build a true Access Management infrastructure for our clients that can be seamlessly integrated with corporate Intranet and/or Extranet portals.

We have extensive hands-on experience working with SAML 1.X, and 2.0 protocols, and have enabled clients with either Identity Provider (IdP), Service Provider (SP), or both.

Oracle Directory Services
We’ve been working with Oracle Directory Services solutions for over a decade and have deployed and integrated OID, Oracle Directory Server (ODS) Enterprise Edition, Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) and Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) into a common security platform. We’ve also integrated OVD with a variety of LDAP directories and data stores, such as Active Directory (AD), ADAM, OID, and ODS Enterprise Edition to provide customers with a consolidated, normalized view of user identities across the enterprise.

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO)
We’ve worked with customers on integrating various modules of Oracle ESSO with Oracle Portal Server (OPS), Oracle identity Federation/Oracle Access Manager (OAM).


Cloud Migration, Implementation and tranformation

YuSystems has some extensive experience with public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud environment. We successfully completed a transformation project to transform a clien't on-prem legacy provision system to AWS cloud utilizing Oracle Identity Governance Solution. We successfully competed a cloud migration project to move client's existing IAM infrastructure to FedRamp certified Cloud.


Perform Security Tests

Web-based Pen Test
We leverage the Burp Suite to perform general security testing or scanning for your web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application's attack surface, to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities. We’ll work with the assigned development team to mitigate issues.

Infrastructure Testing
We leverage Nessus vulnerability scanners to perform various compliance-based auditing.