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Identity and Access Management - Are you ready to Transform and Migrate your mission critical ICAM Solution to cloud?

Cloud Readiness Assessment  -

We will work with you to perform an in-depth Cloud Assessment: 

  •  Existing on-premise IT investment, i.e.  existing identity solution, various identity stores (AD, OpenLDAP) and enterprise ERP system
  •  Cloud infrastructure
  •  Requirements gathering for candidate applications
  •  ROI calculations
  •  Risk mitigation plan
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Cloud Migrate and Upgrade

A Live Identity, Access and Adaptive Access System - Cloud Migrate and In-Place Upgrade

Most Challenge Project

  • How to migrate a critical live Identity , Access and Adaptive Access Management production system and perform a critical parallel in place upgrade  to Cloud and all within a couple days of allowable downtime. 
  • How to migrate production data to Cloud. 
    • User credential.
    • User Security Profile
    • User journey - device registration, contact information
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Build system from grounds up.

Now, you have a task to build an Identity and Access Management hybrid Solution and hundreds of application for integration. Where do you even start? 

Solution Readiness Assessment 

  •  Reusability study
  •  Requirements gathering
  •  End State Deployment Architecture
  •  High Level Project Plan for phased approach
  •  Resource Planning
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